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We are the service providers of Inbound and Outbound Call Centers from India, serving clients across the globe.
We were established in 2009 and have been the industry leaders ever since. We are based in Noida, India, with overseas headquarters in USA.

In India, our global delivery center is situated within an industrial hub, which provides the best facilities for our unit to function.


We are strong workforce of 300 personnel and possess infrastructure to seamlessly scale up to 1000 people.
Our management board has combined experience of 100 years. Our dynamic young manager has 12 years of specialized experience within the BPO industry and was one of the first to harness India's IT and BPO outsourcing boom.


Our senior-most managing director has individual experience of over 32 years in administrative functions, operations and business development. With our management board being the perfect blend of young and old, the organization truly gets the best of both the worlds. 82% of our call center employees are within the range of 20- 40 years of age. So your enterprise gets the benefit of our inherent vibrancy and youthfulness.


We provision the following services to boost your enterprise's success:



Read more about our technology and work culture here . If you have any further questions, please contact us and we shall answer your every query.

Services We Offer
Call centers in India need no introduction but a special mention, indeed. Organizations from all over the world have preferred to outsource call centers services to India than its competitive counterparts
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